OGDA Meetings

September 2012 MeetingOGDA meetings are typically on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 7 until 9 (when Do Space closes).

Meetings will often have between 10-20 people and sometimes as many as 30-40. There is no cost to attend.

The only requirement for attendance is being interested in any aspect of game development — programming, design, art, sound, etc.

Currently, our meetings are being held at the Do Space on 72nd and Dodge St.

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  14. Good afternoon —

    We are in the process of coordinating CoderDojo sessions for youth in Omaha and Council Bluffs. CoderDojos are open learning environments in which kids learn how to code at their own pace and with their own creativity, with the guidance of experts in the field (mentors). CoderDojos occur all over the world, and we are excited to offer this in our area! (See CoderDojoTC.org for an example of how one operates)

    Our plan is to pilot this on a few Saturdays in February and March (in both Council Bluffs and Omaha) but to then continue into the summer and beyond. I would like to gather a pool of mentors who would be interested in occasionally giving up 2 hours on a Saturday at their convenience to mentor youth. Mentors can be professionals or educators (or even college students over the age of 19) who are skilled in particular programming languages, web design, or other hands-on technology skills.

    The only rule of the CoderDojo is to “be cool” — and in this case, being “cool” means having a passion for technology and being willing to work with youth ages 8-17 in an informal, non-classroom like setting.

    If you are interested in being added to our pool of potential mentors, please send me your name/email address or fill out our volunteer application at http://careerlink.com/job/view/9905/31480 Specific dates/locations for our pilot are currently being arranged, but again this will be an ongoing opportunity into 2014. The more cool mentors we have, the better the CoderDojo! Please share with other technology experts in your network.

    Thank you!

    Stefanie Ramsey — sramsey@aimforbrilliance.org
    AIM Youth & Community Engagement Manager

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  22. Charlene Logsdon says:

    Our soon to be 13 year old son is passionate about gaming. He has ideas for creating games and has built his own gaming computer. I would like to get him in touch with other like minded individuals. Is this the right place for him? If not, can you recommend another group.

  23. Anthony Masterton says:


    I couldn’t manage to find a better way to contact you, but my name is Anthony and I’m a young writer trying to gain exposure for myself within the writing world. I think I can provide your company with some great work and am inquiring about an opportunity to create some original work for you in a non-paid role.

    I have a few smaller side projects I work on and can provide you with some examples of my work as well if you would like. My real goal is to expand my audience and increase my exposure for my work while I try to build out my portfolio. I’d really love to be able to write full time for some great publications, but I can already tell that’s a little ways down the road for me so I’m trying to get as much of my work published as possible in the meantime.

    Hopefully you can find a use for me, as I’m a pro with WordPress and blogging. Please let me know if you can find a spot for me within your organization, I can write about absolutely anything and everything! Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing back from you soon!



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