Meeting this Saturday: Skyrim Creation Kit and more!

Hey all… been a month already!

This weekend’s meeting will have a presentation by Aaron Mark on using the Skyrim Creation Kit. He’s been working through the tutorials and starting to create his own levels. He will show that, even if you aren’t planning on releasing Skyrim levels to the public, it is an excellent and rewarding way to practice doing level design. He will walk through the process, demo some of the features, and show off some of his completed work. You can follow his musings about his journey on his blog.

We are also hoping to see some of the final products from people who are participating in the “1 Game a Month” project. We will probably mix in a GDC video since the past few have gone over fairly well.

If you have any other ideas for what we should do, please speak up!

As a note, I know there are people looking for artists, programmers, and designers to collaborate with. We will leave some time at the end for general social networking. If you are looking to work with someone on your project or on theirs, make yourself known! Together we are stronger and all that rah rah stuff!

We will be at our usual spot at Bellevue University from 6-9 this Saturday. See you there!

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