June Meeting, Saturday 6/15

Our June meeting is Saturday the 15th from 6-10 at Bellevue University.

The plan right now is more show and tell and at least one GDC Vault video. One that I really am recommending that we watch is the following:

Session Name Empowering the Player in a Story-Rich World: Co-Directing Dishonored
Speaker(s) Harvey Smith, Raphael Colantonio
Company Name(s) Arkane Studios, Arkane Studios
Track / Format Design
Overview Arkane Studios is a game development house built on a set of principles related to consistent, coherent game systems and world fiction, with the aim of creating spaces that enable the player to improvise and experiment, devising their own solutions to gameplay obstacles. As co-creative directors for Arkane Studios, Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of games built on these design principles. Dishonored was Arkane’s opportunity to demonstrate that video games can engage players dramatically through interactive systems in addition to engaging them through the traditional dramatic methods related to story, audio, and visuals.

If you have specific requests for videos, please speak up!

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3 Responses to June Meeting, Saturday 6/15

  1. Aaron Hoskins says:

    I am a young entrepreneur. I’ve seen some of your work, and I would like to see more. I am in my first year of my Graphic Communications degree and I need a place to practice. I want to help you guys out if you would allow it. I don’t need paid. Think of me as an intern. I appreciate your time in reading this, and fair warning… if you don’t reply back I’ll just keeping posting and I will keep pestering. One thing that a man can do to be successful is to be tenacious. So take me seriously or I’ll just keep coming until you do.


  2. Dave Mark says:

    And another thing a man can do to be successful is to not turn off every single person who reads this blog.

    If you are talking about meetings, just show up.
    If you are talking about the game jam (mentioned in another post), just show up.

    Methinks you are either spamming serious crap all over blogs that mention “game dev” or you have no idea what you are reading.

    Just show up.

  3. Joel Mason says:

    Mr. Dave Mark,

    My name is Joel Mason and I am the Vendor Coordinator for Nuke-Con, an Omaha gaming convention in our 23rd year. I have heard that you would be interested in attending and/or being an exhibitor. I apologize for the method of this contact, but I couldn’t find an email address for you. If you are interested, please contact me off-forum at vendors@nuke-con.com

    If not, thank you for your time!

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