Android Factory Nerd Bar Needs a Little More Help

Hey folks,

Many of you are aware of the Android Factory that is almost ready to open in Omaha. We mentioned it here a while back when they were first starting to look for a site. Well, Blair is almost done with the build-out and is hoping to open in the next few weeks. However, as you can see on his Facebook page and his new IndieGogo page, he would like to “do it right” rather than half-ass. He is asking for a little bit more funding from us, his target demographic.

Note that the goals that he has set for the funding pretty much amount to you getting “paid back” for whatever you contribute. For example, if you chip in $15, you get a drink voucher for $20. Other awards include different amounts of compensation for console time, movie nights, etc. So in essence, if this is a place you are going to patronize once or twice, all you are doing is pre-paying what you are going to spend.

My personal testimony here… I live close enough to the site that I have swung through occasionally to talk to Blair and see how he is doing with the space. If you see through the construction clutter, it looks like it will be a great place to get together for video games, board and role-playing games, movies, socialization, and a few drinks. I believe in it. I also believe that many of the OGDA regulars and like-minded folk will believe in it too. In fact, a┬ánumber of us have talked about doing organized events there — including holding well-advertised play tests of our games to non-OGDA folks for a change!

We are hoping to hold an event there some time in March — perhaps coinciding with his tentative opening day of March 14th. Again, if this is something you would be interested in, why not pre-pay a little bit through that Indiegogo campaign so that he can do the remaining things necessary?

Let’s help him out and give us a place to play and party!

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