February Meeting this Saturday the 15th!

Has it really been almost a month since we play-tested Feral Planet from Kill Smile Studios?

Anyway, we’re coming up on another meeting this weekend. Hopefully, not to many of you will be out on a day-late Valentine’s Day date with your [insert affectionate title here]. Of course, you could always bring that person to the meeting. Cuz that would be romantic. OK… never mind.

Nothing really solid on the agenda for the meeting. As always, I’m sure that something will come up. If you have something to show or an idea for something to do, please let us know either here in the comments or on Twitter.

See you then!

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3 Responses to February Meeting this Saturday the 15th!

  1. Linda says:

    So, somebody new wants to come to the meeting…who should they check in with once they are there?

  2. Linda,

    No need to check in with anyone – just show up! We’re a pretty friendly bunch and there’s not a lot of formalities of the meeting to follow or know.


  3. Dave Mark says:

    Trust me… if you are new, someone WILL approach YOU. (Often that person is me.)

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