Reminder: Meeting tomorrow! Agenda = Nuke-Con prep!

Quick reminder that our rescheduled September meeting is tomorrow, Saturday the 28th at Bellevue University. The agenda will partially be Nuke-Con prep. Of course, other presentations and showing off of work-in-progress is certainly encouraged!


As for Nuke-Con, we need to find out who will be staffing our booth at what times next week. As long as we have at least 2 people there at all times, I think we’re good.

We also need a list of all the games, art, music, etc. we are planning on being able to show there. If it shows off your talents, it is welcome to be on display! Let’s share links to stuff and plan on being able to install some games on multiple machines if possible. I don’t expect anyone to leave a computer there when they are not. However, if you are not there, it sure would be nice for other people to be able to show off your work as well. I want us to present a picture of variety, creativity, etc. The more available, the better!

I will not be there due to an out of town trip that came up. However, some of the regulars will be there to help do the organizing.

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