Clockwork Demon Web Site

ClockworkDemonThose of you who were at the January meeting got to meet the members of Clockwork Demon out of Lincoln and see a concept trailer of their in-development game. I have added their web site to the link bar on the right side of our site. Take a moment to visit them!

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January Meeting this Saturday – Demos, Play Tests and More!

Our January meeting is this Saturday at 6-9 at Bellevue University as per usual.

FeralPlanetThis month we will be having a hands-on play test of Feral Planet from KillSmile Studios! Many of us saw some of the early work from Lucas and Tyler a few months ago. I’m sure that many of us are excited to actually sit down an play it… and of course give them the valuable comments that always come out of our OGDA play tests!

ClockworkDemonAlso, Megan Vokal and Leo Glass of Clockwork Demon in Lincoln would like some feedback on some of their work. Let’s welcome this new studio to the Omaha/Lincoln area!

As always, anyone else wishing to show something off is welcome to!

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Want to show something off at this Saturday’s meeting?

At OGDA we love seeing what others are working on. If you have something you want to show, a game, an updated physics engine, some animation doodles you’ve been working on, or whatever, we’d love to see it!

this could be you

If you want to show something at this week’s meeting on Saturday the 21st at 6pm send an email to Dave Homan at, or DM/@ him on twitter @99golems. It helps to bring your own laptop and additional AV gear that’s needed (DVI amulets, hdmi trinkets, whatever).

Try to keep presentations relatively short (5-10 minutes).

See you then!

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December Meeting on the 21st

Our December meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December 21st from 6-9 at Bellevue University. We understand that some people may be traveling, have family, doing shopping, or whatever, but we are planning on holding it regardless.

Because many people will be missing, we aren’t planning any major events. As always, feel free to show the group what it is you have been working on, though!

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Updated Link to KillSmile Studios’ Site

Updated the link on the sidebar to the new KillSmile web site. Remember to keep an eye on the development of Feral Planet that they showed off last month!

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Added 1 member link and updated another…

I just added a link to Alex Myers’ site to the link list on the right side of this page. Additionally, for some reason the link to Chuck Larish’s site wasn’t correct. Those have been fixed now.

If you have a page for your studio, your personal portfolio, or even just your Facebook page with stuff on it, please let me know at admin at our domain so I can get it added to the list.

In the mean time, please take a moment to browse through your fellow OGDA members pages!

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Android Factory (Nerd Bar) Only a Few Months Away!

Slightly off-topic…

I stopped by the location for The Android Factory earlier this evening and talked to the owner. He showed me the plans and pointed out where things were going to be. There will be a main bar area, a separate room with multiple consoles — each set up for multi-player gaming, and a quieter “board game room” for RPGs, board and card games, etc. It looks like it will be a pretty sweet setup and I can’t wait until I get to see more than 2×4″s and sawdust in there.

He is hoping for a “soft open” by about New Years’. Part of it has to do with the pace of the buildout (which he is largely doing himself), the City Council granting his liquor license, etc. Regardless, I told him that when he was ready to go, we could pour a whole bunch of people in there for a kick-off event. Additionally, I suggested that it would be neat to have organized play test events there to get people to check out stuff that OGDA members are working on. Sound groovy?

Anyway, keep an eye on the place.

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View Larger Map

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Despite Husker Game, OGDA Meeting this Saturday

The Husker game time wasn’t scheduled until after this past weekend’s game. Because of that, we didn’t have time to arrange a potential alternate date with the University. We are going to go ahead as planned for the meeting this weekend. The game will not end until about 6PM so people watching it might be late. Certainly the people attending it (like me) will not be back to Omaha until well into the meeting.

Be that as it may, we are going to have our meeting at the regular time of 6-9 at our usual location. I know there were some plans for some potential gameplay tests of Feral Planet by our pals at KillSmile. Additionally, there was going to be a possible tech demo of a local company’s art tool. I wouldn’t blame either of them for wanting to wait until next month, however.

It’s probably worth mentioning at this point that the December meeting is due to fall on the 21st. The might be a tad too close to Christmas for some of you. We also need to check with BU to make sure that it still OK for us to hold the meeting on that day. We certainly could move it up to the 14th or back to the 28th if that is better.

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Meeting this Saturday — Possible Special Demo?

Just a reminder that our regular October meeting is this Saturday, the 19th, from 6-9 at Bellevue University.

The agenda is just starting to come together, but we may have a really cool special demo from one of our member studios! I can’t say more right now — they are deciding on how much of a surprise they want it to be. You will really want to be there, however!

Otherwise, we have open time for anyone to show off other nifty things they have been working on!

See you there!

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Want your stuff on display at Nuke-Con?

Nuke-con-2013logoIf you have a game or artwork that you want available to be displayed at this weekend’s Nuke-Con conference, please send the url, files, etc. to I need this as soon as possible!

Also, we still could use some volunteers to run the booth — particularly on Sunday. The show floor is open at the following times:

Fri: 3PM – 2AM
Sat: 9AM – 2AM
Sun: 9AM – 6PM

As you can see, that’s a lot of hours to cover. I’m not necessarily committing to having someone at the table until 2AM those days… we can just leave info on the table. (We are getting cards printed up.) However, it would be nice to have at least one person there to babysit a machine running a slide show.

Please email what you want showed and/or reply with what times you could help out on the floor!

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