Android Factory (Nerd Bar) Only a Few Months Away!

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I stopped by the location for The Android Factory earlier this evening and talked to the owner. He showed me the plans and pointed out where things were going to be. There will be a main bar area, a separate room with multiple consoles — each set up for multi-player gaming, and a quieter “board game room” for RPGs, board and card games, etc. It looks like it will be a pretty sweet setup and I can’t wait until I get to see more than 2×4″s and sawdust in there.

He is hoping for a “soft open” by about New Years’. Part of it has to do with the pace of the buildout (which he is largely doing himself), the City Council granting his liquor license, etc. Regardless, I told him that when he was ready to go, we could pour a whole bunch of people in there for a kick-off event. Additionally, I suggested that it would be neat to have organized play test events there to get people to check out stuff that OGDA members are working on. Sound groovy?

Anyway, keep an eye on the place.

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  1. CaptainKraft says:

    I’m all for it. Any excuse I can get to go to a nerd bar is awesome. Can’t wait

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