Want your stuff on display at Nuke-Con?

Nuke-con-2013logoIf you have a game or artwork that you want available to be displayed at this weekend’s Nuke-Con conference, please send the url, files, etc. to Admin@OmahaGameDev.com. I need this as soon as possible!

Also, we still could use some volunteers to run the booth — particularly on Sunday. The show floor is open at the following times:

Fri: 3PM – 2AM
Sat: 9AM – 2AM
Sun: 9AM – 6PM

As you can see, that’s a lot of hours to cover. I’m not necessarily committing to having someone at the table until 2AM those days… we can just leave info on the table. (We are getting cards printed up.) However, it would be nice to have at least one person there to babysit a machine running a slide show.

Please email what you want showed and/or reply with what times you could help out on the floor!

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  1. Nick Jizba says:

    Well my email doesn’t like your email so I’ll just comment. I was planning on going to nuke-con just for fun so I’ll be available to cover the table any time between 7 and 2 on Friday, 3 and 2 on Saturday, and 3-6 on Sunday.

    I’ve also got some stuff I can show, but I’ll bring it on a flash drive tomorrow since i cant attach stuff here. I can also bring some hard copies of art if there’s room on the table.

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