January — New Meeting Location!!

It looks like our run at Bellevue University has come to an end. Our usage of that wonderful facility was secured because Alex Meyers was teaching there for a few years. He is no longer doing so (he’s at Creighton now) but had penciled us onto the schedule through the end of 2014. Somehow, we seem to have reached the end of 2014! This means we needed to start hunting for a new location.

While we aren’t sure if this is a permanent arrangement or not, we have received an offer from the Omaha Code School to use their facilities this Saturday for our January meeting. We really appreciate them volunteering the location on such short notice. We really look forward to checking out their place and learning a bit about what they do there! In fact, some of our OGDA members are mentors there!

So, let’s get together this Saturday night and show them a bit of what WE are about! We will be meeting at the usual time of 6-10PM.

The Meetings page has been updated with the new location info and map.

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