May Meeting – Special Guest – Please Read!

Our regular May meeting is this coming Saturday, the 17th, at the usual place and time.

makeawishAs I mentioned in the previous post, I was approached by a lady from the Make-a-Wish foundation about possibly helping out with a child who is interested in making video games. A number of you responded that you would be interested in helping out with this to some extent (some of you through fantastically nerdy Tolkien references).

While we aren’t exactly sure where to start with this guy, we figured the least we could do is invite him out to our meeting and introduce him to people. From what I have been told, he is likely going to be at the meeting. Depending on his interests (e.g. programming, design, art, etc.), we can then get him involved either through an over-the-shoulder sort of thing or in some sort of new, small project that he can be an active part in. I would welcome further discussion on this prior to the meeting.

That said, I think it would be really cool if we had a good showing at the meeting to get him introduced to a lot of people. As we usually do, it would be a good time to show off our latest creations and explain to him (and each other) how long it took us, what we needed to know to create them, etc.

FeralPlanetI’m assuming that the KillSmile guys will be having us do some serious playthrough action on the build of Feral Planet that they are sending off to Indiecade. I know a bunch of us are stoked for that.

As always, if anyone else has stuff to show, bring it on! This will definitely be the month for it!

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