April Meeting this Saturday, the 19th!

About that time again, isn’t it? Our monthly meeting will be this Saturday, April 19th, from 6-9:30(ish) at Bellevue University as usual.

For the moment, the plan is pretty open. As always, I’m sure there will be progress to show on people’s various projects. That is always welcome! Also, the videos from the recent Game Developers Conference have been added to the GDC Vault. I will be looking through them to see if there is a general interest one that we could watch together and discuss. (If you are not familiar with the Vault, there are many free sessions up there. Certainly worth checking out!)

I have also received an email from Nuke Con about this year’s convention in October. I would like to have a “booth” again this year and, with a little more preparation, I believe we can make it a lot better. We can have a short discussion about that — perhaps putting someone in charge of organizing it.

We’ve already had a number of people mention that they are bringing new people. Let’s have a big showing to get them involved!

See you soon!

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