Live streaming FTW!

The interview with Raph Koster will be a first for the OGDA. We will be live streaming the interview over the internet using our new Google+ page and via our YouTube channel. By following either of those two locations, you will see when the stream goes live. You will also be able to link to the stream from our Twitter account, @OmahaGameDev. Upon the conclusion of the interview, the recording will automatically be saved on our YouTube channel for later access. (Of course, this will be embedded on the blog as well.)

Additionally, we are thinking of experimenting with having a live Google Hangout running during other portions of the meeting so that people who cannot make it physically can attend. (Note that this is different than the live stream with Raph Koster.) Please note that in order to join us in the Hangout, you will have to have a Google+ account, have added the OGDA page to your circles, and have us invite you to the Hangout. (I tried opening up a Hangout to the public and instantly got two people from somewhere else around the world. Not what I have in mind.)

We are still figuring out the logistics of how we would livestream/record demos and lectures by on-site OGDA members. More on that later.

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