SkyVu’s Battle Bears ROYALE is about to hit the app store

Last February at GDC a few of us from SkyVu and the team from Complex Games met at the Marriott to discuss our follow up game to Battle Bears -1. At this point W3i was extending an opportunity of funding in exchange for implementing their core technologies and in that fusion Battle Bears Royale was born!

Royale at its core is a 4 vs 4 class based shooter for iOS designed by SkyVu and built by Complex. This was Complex’s first online game, so development has been fairly intense all the way through.

Depending on success our next goal is to transition over to android (Via Unity) and create a cross platform shooter the likes of which has not been seen on mobile!

At the next meeting I attend I will speak to the concept of managing up and what our work flow was for art.

You can find more information about Battle Bears Royale by viewing our Trailer or checking our outdated website!

About Michael SkyVu

A Nebraska native. I am the 2D lead and Game Designer at SkyVu Entertainment
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  1. Ben Pogge says:

    You wacky ursines and your candy-colored mayhem! Eagerly awaiting your appearance on the Android.

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