August Meeting and Grave Danger


Our next meeting will be August 11th at Do Space. Make sure to bring your WIP’s.

More importantly, please support one of our own local game developers, Jeff Brooks. Jeff is the founder of JB Gaming Inc and has already released a mobile game called Udder Panic. His most recent game is Grave Danger, which is currently on Kick Starter!

Grave Danger, a 2D side-scrolling platformer that will be available on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U, is now live on Kickstarter. Grave Danger is an inspired love letter to gamers that promises to bring quirky team-based puzzles similar to greats like the Lost Vikings to computers and consoles. Grave Danger’s Kickstarter allows players to invest in the game by preordering their PC or console copy, and get limited edition backer-reserved merchandise. – JB Gaming Inc

Now of the time of this posting, the Grave Danger Kick Starter has 20 days left and is far from reaching its goal. So on behalf of the OGDA I would like to ask everyone to become a backer for Grave Danger!  Any and all support would be greatly appreciated!

Grave Danger Kick Starter!


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July Meeting

Meetings going forward will be the second Thursday, no longer the third Saturday, of each month. The next meeting will be July 14 at 7pm at Do Space. We will be on the main floor in meeting rooms 1 & 2 near the back.

Note that the meeting room we are in is booked each Thursday for open co-working and that doors are open to coming in early, however, we will keep starting the ‘main event at 7 for those getting out of work and dinner.

Also please join our Meetup group so that we can have a head count for each meeting and follow us on twitter for updates.

Hope to see everyone and their projects in July!

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April Meeting Tomorrow!

Sorry this one snuck up on us since it doesn’t feel like the 3rd week in April.

Our April meeting is tomorrow, the 18th from 6 until 10 at UNO again. (Same place as the last 2 months.) We meet on the campus of UNO in the CEC building (Community Engagement Center), room 127.

Here’s a map of the actual building. The CEC is the building just south of the big clock tower in the middle of campus. Parking in any of those lots is free on the weekend.

No word yet on what we will be doing… but we always do seem to come up with something, don’t we?

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February Meeting — Another NEW location!!

We had to scramble at the last minute, but we have a new location for tonight’s meeting! We will be on the campus of UNO in the CEC building (Community Engagement Center), room 127. Because they have a meeting in there until 6, our start time will be 6:30.

Here’s a map of the actual building. The CEC is the building just south of the big clock tower in the middle of campus. Parking in any of those lots is free on the weekend.

Hope to see you there!

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January — New Meeting Location!!

It looks like our run at Bellevue University has come to an end. Our usage of that wonderful facility was secured because Alex Meyers was teaching there for a few years. He is no longer doing so (he’s at Creighton now) but had penciled us onto the schedule through the end of 2014. Somehow, we seem to have reached the end of 2014! This means we needed to start hunting for a new location.

While we aren’t sure if this is a permanent arrangement or not, we have received an offer from the Omaha Code School to use their facilities this Saturday for our January meeting. We really appreciate them volunteering the location on such short notice. We really look forward to checking out their place and learning a bit about what they do there! In fact, some of our OGDA members are mentors there!

So, let’s get together this Saturday night and show them a bit of what WE are about! We will be meeting at the usual time of 6-10PM.

The Meetings page has been updated with the new location info and map.

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December Meeting this Saturday

For those of you not blasting out of town for an early start to holiday visiting, remember that we have our regular monthly meeting this Saturday the 20th at 6 PM. Come show off what you have been working on or explore what others have been doing!

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Meeting This Saturday, October 18th

And once again, it is time for another OGDA meeting! The October meeting is this Saturday, the 18th, at 6 PM at Bellevue University.

If you have something you have been working on that you want to show, please bring it along!

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Meeting Summary on GC Gamers Connect by our own Joe DeMarco

Nice writeup of the May meeting by our own Joe DeMarco (@Shad0fx) on GC Gamers Connect blog. Good to see the buzz!

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KillSmile Studio Submits “Feral Planet” to Indiecade

FeralPlanetLong-time OGDA members, KillSmile Studio submitted their flying side-scroller, Feral Planet to the Indiecade conference earlier this week. If they get accepted, they will be able to present it on-site as part of the festival of games. This usually means great exposure to a wide audience — especially if they win one ore more of the awards. Additionally, they could be considered for inclusion at the Indiecade “booth” at E3!

As part of the submission, they put together a gameplay trailer and have released it to the public. Check it out!

Good luck to our dear friends, Tyler White and Lucas Hartman — and their audio guy for hire, OGDA member Chuck Larish!

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Red Sparkle Studio Releases “Logic Cars” on Google Play

LogicCarsThe mother/daughter team of Red Sparkle Studio has released their game, Logic Cars for free on Google Play! It is a wonderful remaking of a popular graph paper and pencil game that entertained kids half a century ago.

Red Sparkle is comprised of Lina Spivak and her 11-year-old daughter. They have quickly become valued members in the OGDA.

The gameplay is relatively simple but requires some forethought and planning — in a way, just like driving a real car. Let’s just say that it’s not all about going fast!

To quote from the game’s page:

Logic Cars is an electronic version of an old logic board game.

About half a century ago me and my brother could play this game for hours. Back than it was simple. You take a sheet of graph paper, draw a “road” on it, take pencils to guide your “cars” through the road, and there you go! Who will get to the finish line in less moves wins! Nowadays computers replaced paper and pencils. They add tons of new adventures into this game. Now you can find a stone, or sand, or ice on a road. There can be an animal crossing road, or your tire can pop… As in real life, you name it… And since up to 5 drivers can race at the same time it can provide a lot of fun for the entire family.

Logic Cars is a turn-based racing game. Players are moving their cars along the track drawn on a checkered board following simple rules. Player who crosses the finish line using less moves – wins. Once you’ve mastered skills required for one level, you can move to the next. On each new level Logic Cars requires new skills and introduces new adventures that will keep you entertained for hours to come.

The video below shows some of the gameplay elements of the game.

Give it a try! (It’s free, remember?) Most importantly, support your friends and colleagues in the OGDA and spread the word!

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