April Meeting this Saturday, the 19th!

About that time again, isn’t it? Our monthly meeting will be this Saturday, April 19th, from 6-9:30(ish) at Bellevue University as usual.

For the moment, the plan is pretty open. As always, I’m sure there will be progress to show on people’s various projects. That is always welcome! Also, the videos from the recent Game Developers Conference have been added to the GDC Vault. I will be looking through them to see if there is a general interest one that we could watch together and discuss. (If you are not familiar with the Vault, there are many free sessions up there. Certainly worth checking out!)

I have also received an email from Nuke Con about this year’s convention in October. I would like to have a “booth” again this year and, with a little more preparation, I believe we can make it a lot better. We can have a short discussion about that — perhaps putting someone in charge of organizing it.

We’ve already had a number of people mention that they are bringing new people. Let’s have a big showing to get them involved!

See you soon!

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March Meeting this Saturday

Once again, we are coming up on our monthly meeting. it will be this Saturday from 6-9:30 at Bellevue University. Dave Homan (and likely others) will be running the show this weekend since Aaron and I will be on a plane headed to GDC.

I don’t know what to tell you to expect this weekend… for the past year, there has never really been a shortage of cool things for people to show off. If you have something you would like to show, please bring it along with. Also, feel free to tweet it at the OGDA account (@OmahaGameDev) and we will pass on the news!

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Android Factory Nerd Bar Needs a Little More Help

Hey folks,

Many of you are aware of the Android Factory that is almost ready to open in Omaha. We mentioned it here a while back when they were first starting to look for a site. Well, Blair is almost done with the build-out and is hoping to open in the next few weeks. However, as you can see on his Facebook page and his new IndieGogo page, he would like to “do it right” rather than half-ass. He is asking for a little bit more funding from us, his target demographic.

Note that the goals that he has set for the funding pretty much amount to you getting “paid back” for whatever you contribute. For example, if you chip in $15, you get a drink voucher for $20. Other awards include different amounts of compensation for console time, movie nights, etc. So in essence, if this is a place you are going to patronize once or twice, all you are doing is pre-paying what you are going to spend.

My personal testimony here… I live close enough to the site that I have swung through occasionally to talk to Blair and see how he is doing with the space. If you see through the construction clutter, it looks like it will be a great place to get together for video games, board and role-playing games, movies, socialization, and a few drinks. I believe in it. I also believe that many of the OGDA regulars and like-minded folk will believe in it too. In fact, a number of us have talked about doing organized events there — including holding well-advertised play tests of our games to non-OGDA folks for a change!

We are hoping to hold an event there some time in March — perhaps coinciding with his tentative opening day of March 14th. Again, if this is something you would be interested in, why not pre-pay a little bit through that Indiegogo campaign so that he can do the remaining things necessary?

Let’s help him out and give us a place to play and party!

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February Meeting this Saturday the 15th!

Has it really been almost a month since we play-tested Feral Planet from Kill Smile Studios?

Anyway, we’re coming up on another meeting this weekend. Hopefully, not to many of you will be out on a day-late Valentine’s Day date with your [insert affectionate title here]. Of course, you could always bring that person to the meeting. Cuz that would be romantic. OK… never mind.

Nothing really solid on the agenda for the meeting. As always, I’m sure that something will come up. If you have something to show or an idea for something to do, please let us know either here in the comments or on Twitter.

See you then!

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Clockwork Demon Web Site

ClockworkDemonThose of you who were at the January meeting got to meet the members of Clockwork Demon out of Lincoln and see a concept trailer of their in-development game. I have added their web site to the link bar on the right side of our site. Take a moment to visit them!

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January Meeting this Saturday – Demos, Play Tests and More!

Our January meeting is this Saturday at 6-9 at Bellevue University as per usual.

FeralPlanetThis month we will be having a hands-on play test of Feral Planet from KillSmile Studios! Many of us saw some of the early work from Lucas and Tyler a few months ago. I’m sure that many of us are excited to actually sit down an play it… and of course give them the valuable comments that always come out of our OGDA play tests!

ClockworkDemonAlso, Megan Vokal and Leo Glass of Clockwork Demon in Lincoln would like some feedback on some of their work. Let’s welcome this new studio to the Omaha/Lincoln area!

As always, anyone else wishing to show something off is welcome to!

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Want to show something off at this Saturday’s meeting?

At OGDA we love seeing what others are working on. If you have something you want to show, a game, an updated physics engine, some animation doodles you’ve been working on, or whatever, we’d love to see it!

this could be you

If you want to show something at this week’s meeting on Saturday the 21st at 6pm send an email to Dave Homan at owlbear@slouchcou.ch, or DM/@ him on twitter @99golems. It helps to bring your own laptop and additional AV gear that’s needed (DVI amulets, hdmi trinkets, whatever).

Try to keep presentations relatively short (5-10 minutes).

See you then!

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December Meeting on the 21st

Our December meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December 21st from 6-9 at Bellevue University. We understand that some people may be traveling, have family, doing shopping, or whatever, but we are planning on holding it regardless.

Because many people will be missing, we aren’t planning any major events. As always, feel free to show the group what it is you have been working on, though!

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Updated Link to KillSmile Studios’ Site

Updated the link on the sidebar to the new KillSmile web site. Remember to keep an eye on the development of Feral Planet that they showed off last month!

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Added 1 member link and updated another…

I just added a link to Alex Myers’ site to the link list on the right side of this page. Additionally, for some reason the link to Chuck Larish’s site wasn’t correct. Those have been fixed now.

If you have a page for your studio, your personal portfolio, or even just your Facebook page with stuff on it, please let me know at admin at our domain so I can get it added to the list.

In the mean time, please take a moment to browse through your fellow OGDA members pages!

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