February Meeting Was Huge! Recap here!

Quick recap of last night’s meeting. First off, Aaron Mark gave a very detailed walkthrough of the Skyrim Creation Kit. We broadcast the session live and recorded it. Oddly, because I haven’t completely gotten the hang of how Google+ matches up with YouTube, it ended up on my channel instead of on the OGDA one. Also, because of the web cam setting, the video is actually mirrored left-to-right. Therefore, him clicking on tools, text, etc. is backwards. You can watch the video here.

Secondly, we had a LOT of new people last night. Off the cuff, I would have to say that there were about 8-10 new faces. Add those to the 6-7¬†people who were showing up for their 2nd meeting and we had a decent sized crowd! Overall, we had about 25-30 people at the meeting and about 15 at Applebee’s afterwards! (Sorry, no pictures!)

Forgot to mention this last month, but there is another studio in town. Please check out Never Sun Games! Also, I added a link to Jeremy Carter’s page, JC Lee Interactive, where you can see a portfolio of his work.

For those of you on Twitter, we have a number of these new people joining us on there. Best bet is to go to the list of accounts that the OGDA follows and see if there is anyone missing from your list.

Standard reminder: if you want to be in the game biz and you are not on Twitter, you are missing out on major opportunities!

Anyway, from the looks of it, the new members will be sticking around — and I can guarantee you there will be a few new faces next month as well.

Next month’s meeting is Saturday March 16th. See you then!

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  1. Scott says:

    Thank you for posting the video. I used to attend these conferences a couple of years ago, and then fell away (back when it was at Scooter’s), despite enjoying them.

    I will be there next meeting.

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