October Meeting on the 20th

Quick update. The October meeting will be on our regularly scheduled 3rd Saturday — the 20th — from 6-9. We are going to be having it at Bellevue University once again.

There will be no Skype guest for this month (although I have exacted a promise from Richard Lamarchand for either November or December). Instead, we will use this month’s meeting for people to bring the group up to date on their current projects, solicit help, or general chit-chat.

We do have a something lined up from Dave Homan (@mrlasertron) of Slouch Couch. He would like to show off a screen-shaking algorithm he did that he believes would be a useful visual effect for others in their games. That should only take 15-20 minutes.

If anyone else has something they would like to show or discuss, please comment here!

The meeting ¬†will be in a conference room in the administration building at Bellevue University. It’s the big multi-story one on top of the hill.

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You can either go in through the front door on the parking lot side, or go around to the side of the building. We actually recommend doing the later. If you go to the right (while facing the building from the parking lot), you will see some stairs going down into a patio area. Our room is just inside from that patio. We will be able to let you in from  there. That keeps you from having to pester the security guard, going down an elevator, navigating through halls, etc.

You can see the patio area in the map below. (SW side of the building.)

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3 Responses to October Meeting on the 20th

  1. @mrlasertron says:

    The code will be in javascript/html5, but it would be fairly easy to transplant it into any framework. If you like physics and making games it should be a decent 10-15 minutes.

  2. @taintednobodies says:

    if you haven’t followed on twitter, I’m gonna share the start of a project of my own (personal, I am still working on BlockMonsters) I can also share anything else anyone wants to see, any blockmonster news etc, we have feedback from indiecade, i know dave was talking about us sharing it last meeting…

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