More content for October meeting…

A couple of additions to the lineup for this Saturday’s meeting:

  • XII Games‘ Vince Twelve and I will be talking about some of the incredible indie games we saw, heard about, and played at the recent IndieCade in LA.
  • Lucas Hartman will walk you through some of the independent work he has been doing on projects in Unity, including his “airplane game“.
  • Fully Croisened‘s Nathanial Ryan might be able to be there to show us some quick tips on creating art assets for isometric games using Blender.
  • Slouch Couch‘s Dave Homan will show us a quick and easy “screen shaking” algorithm the wrote to add punch to games.
  • Time permitting, we might watch a session from the GDC Vault.

The meeting is Saturday, October 20th from 6-9 at Bellevue University’s Administration Building. (details)

As with last month, the tentative plan is to go out for drinks at a nearby place such as Applebee’s. All are welcome!

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