Jared Rodehorst — Music Composer in Omaha Area

Got a message from a composer in the area that I wanted to pass along.

I am a trained and experienced composer based in Omaha. My experience in media is mostly in film and television, but I also want to begin working in games. Below is a link to some music.


Check out his samples!

(Perhaps the best news is that he has a groovy hat… we need another one of those in the group!)

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2 Responses to Jared Rodehorst — Music Composer in Omaha Area

  1. Chuck says:

    Welcome, Jared! Look forward to meeting you sometime when my insane schedule dies down and I can make it to a meeting. (Baby, film work, night class, and full time teaching gig don’t lend themselves well to free time.)

    Also, I’m piggybacking on your mention. I’m a sound person, too!! Check the site. Thanks!

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