Meet David Carney – Game Music Composer

I don’t always announce individuals that have discovered the OGDA. However, this one stuck out a little. First, we don’t have a lot of game musicians in the OGDA (other than me and I’ve been retired from doing the composing/arranging/recording gig for about 15 years). Second, you might actually recognize work that this one has done.

David Carney of DVG Music recently tweeted:

@OmahaGameDev I just discovered you guys! Looking forward to meeting everyone at the next meeting 🙂

Among other things, David did the soundtrack for Independent Games Festival finalist, One and One Story.

Take a listen to some of the soundtrack in this gameplay trailer video of One and One Story.

I know that there are quite a number of OGDA studios that are going to love having a talented game music composer in the group. Take a minute and listen to some of his work on the DVG Music site.

Welcome David!

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3 Responses to Meet David Carney – Game Music Composer

  1. Vince Twelve says:

    Awww sweet! I loved One and One Story! Looking forward to meeting you David!

  2. David Carney says:

    Thanks for the warm introduction! I’m really excited to meet everyone and get involved with the group. 🙂

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