Video of March Interview with Andy Schatz

Here is the entire video of the interview with our March OGDA meeting guest, Andy Schatz.

Andy Schatz. Andy is the founder of Pocketwatch Games where he is currently finishing up work on his much-acclaimed game, Monaco. At the 2010 Independent Games Festival(held at GDC), Monoco won both the Excellence in Design award and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

Prior to Monoco, Andy released two titles, Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa and Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Arctic where he served as the sole programmer, designer, and producer. Venture Africa was built in 10 months on a budget of $8000 and has sold 90,000 copies worldwide.

Andy is a staunch supporter of the indie games movement and has spoken all over the world about being an independent game developer. His talk, “How to Win the IGF in 15 Weeks or Less” was one of the highest-rated talks at GDC in 2011. (This talk is available for free on the GDC Vault! Watch it by clicking that pretty link above! Seriously… watch it.)

He has been the on-stage host of the Independent Games Festival awards program in 2007, 2008, 2009, and will do so again next week for the 2012 IGF. (The event will be streamed live on Gamespot Wednesday evening.)

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2 Responses to Video of March Interview with Andy Schatz

  1. Sqeaky says:

    Was the part where I grabbed John’s crotch left in there?

    I also realised that I could have made a better pedobear impression by just shouting “TOO OLD!” and staring at anyone person intently.

    Thanks again for inviting an interesting guest. I look forward to trying Monoco when it comes out.

  2. Ben says:

    This is excellent! Thanks for posting.

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