Meeting this Saturday!

Andy Schatz with his 2 IGF awards

Remember, our March meeting is this Saturday from 6-10 at CAMP. Our Skype guest is indie game developer and evangelist, Andy Schatz of Pocketwatch Games — creator of 2010 Independent Games Festival winner Monaco. (Andy recently hosted the 2012 IGF Awardsat GDC … complete with obscure metaphors!)

We also might be hearing from Omaha studio, BlackTopp Studios, on some of the stuff they have been working on in recent months.

Vince Twelve will also likely be gushing about how close Resonance is to being released. Let’s all humor him a bit… he’s been working on this for 6 years!

Also, I’ve been hearing rumbles about people looking for artists in the area… if you are an artist, you might want to be at this meeting!

See you at 6 on Saturday the 24th!

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4 Responses to Meeting this Saturday!

  1. i hope i can make it! i might be a bit late however ;_;

  2. /\l\l \/U says:

    I will most likely be attending. Great idea hosting this at CAMP.
    Looking forward to meeting some of you in the Omaha game dev petri dish.

  3. Ben Vu says:

    Sorry I can’t make it. The baby owns my Saturdays ever since he arrived. But I am glad to see the group growing and bringing in awesome guests!

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