Games++ Game Jam a Great Success!

The Games++ 12-hour game jam at the Drift Station gallery in Lincoln was a great success! There were approximately 20 people participating in the event doing a variety of game projects ranging from video games, to board games, to more art-based experiences.

The event was organized by Alex Myers, currently program director of Bellevue University’s Gaming and Simulation program and Jeff Thompson, artist and programmer. We were very appreciative of Alex and Jeff for organizing something new and different in the game community. They both hinted that we should be looking forward to something like this in the future… perhaps in Omaha!

There were a few OGDA members on hand including Ryan Versaw (with a couple of his co-workers from Hudl, Bryce Kahle and Andrew Dakin) and Ben Prater. One of the more exciting developments, however, was how many new OGDA members we can expect out of this! Many of the developers were thrilled to hear about our organization and should be showing up at the November meeting. (We need a bigger Scooter’s).

Speaking of the November meeting, some of the participants will be demoing the games they created at the November meeting after we conclude with Ian Schreiber’s game design workshop. If you want to see what can be made in only 12 hours, make sure you get to this meeting!

Thanks again to Alex Myers, Jeff Thompson, and Drift Station gallery for hosting this novel event!

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8 Responses to Games++ Game Jam a Great Success!

  1. Ben Pogge says:

    So sorry I missed it! Well, there’ll be others. Can’t wait to relish the fruits of your labor!

  2. Truemobius says:

    Making a note here -> huge success.

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