Exciting Meeting Tonight!

Remember, our November meeting is tonight at 6PM. Please note that you can certainly show up before 6  as the facility will be open.

We are really looking forward to hanging in our new pad, CAMP Coworking. We will have plenty of space to spread out… and from the sounds of it, we’ll need it. From the sounds of it, we could see a dozen new people at this meeting!

As per a different thread, please bring your own drinks or snacks. Yes, you can bring alcohol (just dont’ be dumb). Also, out of thanks to our hosts, it would be nice if we could take up a collection ($5 per person?) to pay for use of the facilities. CAMP makes it money on being used in this way… we should show our appreciation to Dave Homan and his wife for letting us use it for the OGDA.

CAMP is downtown in the Mastercraft building at 1111 N 13th Street, Suite #119, (about 3 blocks north of TD Ameritrade park).

As a reminder, tonight’s agenda includes:

  • 6:00 – 6:30: Meet-and-greet the plentiful new members!
  • 6:30 – 8:00: Skype guest, Ian Schreiber and his interactive game design workshop. (Bring pen, paper, notecards, and 6-sided dice!) (If you have extra dice, it might be helpful if you bring them along for others to use.)
  • 8:00 – ?: Development Demos and Post-mortems:
  • Games++ entries Facepong and Blockmonster
  • Progress on Ryan Versaw’s 3D space shooter
  • demo of SlouchCouch new project for Silicon Prairie News.
  • Possible introduction to XII GamesResonance
  • Other Topics:
  • Discussion of IGDA Chapter membership of OGDA
  • Formation of GDC “buddy” groups to save money on lodging
  • Possibly moving meetings to 2x monthly
  • Until we quit:
  • Social hour!! Show off your stuff, network, or just hang out! (We aren’t limited by Scooter’s kicking us out at 9!)

If you are interested in Ian’s books that he wrote with industry veteran Brenda Brathwaite, you can find them here:

This is probably going to be one of our most exciting meetings yet! See you tonight!

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  1. Ben Pogge says:

    Tons-o-fun-on-a-bun! Thanks all 🙂

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