SkyVu Entertainment studio build week 5.5

Progress is moving along, and here is some more media to prove it!

I am a complete sucker for Microsoft’s Photosynth application which in my estimation is their single biggest impact in my life. If you have silverlight or the app check it out!

View from center of the work floor

View from inside the executive office!

For a better sense of what is going on, here is some shaky cam footage of a brief walkthrough. Notice the room with the temporary table and open wall? That will be our conference room!

About Michael SkyVu

A Nebraska native. I am the 2D lead and Game Designer at SkyVu Entertainment
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4 Responses to SkyVu Entertainment studio build week 5.5

  1. Dave Mark says:

    Aaahh!! The potential new meeting place for the OGDA! You sure we are going to be able to fit 30 people in there? 😉

  2. Ben Pogge says:

    Stellar! Can’t wait to see the finished product. 😉

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