SkyVu Entertainment’s new studio is under construction!

In the beginning there was the parent’s basement.

This was followed by our improperly zoned residential house.

Then we got kicked out and moved up to a currently vacant strip mall bay.

Two months ago we started the ball rolling on a permanent studio build-out and as of now we are about a month out from completion!

The new studio is located under the Broadmoor apartments at Aksarben Village and will double the working room we have currently as well as add in a conference room and offices! For starters our furniture might consist completely of cinderblocks and plywood until we get off the ground but this will mark the first permanent residence of SkyVu and will get us nice and cozy with UNO.

It is our current goal to host OGDA meetings at our new location once settled as well as ad-hoc after school tutoring and classes offered by our Staff. We will also be opening up internship positions once moved that will be elaborated on in the near future!

In the mean time, here is what our team and space currently look like!

Updates will come in as relevant milestones are passed!

About Michael SkyVu

A Nebraska native. I am the 2D lead and Game Designer at SkyVu Entertainment
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7 Responses to SkyVu Entertainment’s new studio is under construction!

  1. Dave Mark says:

    Significant w00t to the SkyVu folks!

    Incidentally, the progression of locations sounds perfectly indie. 😉

  2. indeed! now we just need to transition out of the “where is the money” indie business path 😛

  3. Dave says:

    needs more furniture, and also walls.

  4. Dave Mark says:

    Considering that our long-time Scooter’s location has now been shredded (i.e. no more squishy chairs), I am anxiously awaiting the results of this.

  5. Ben Pogge says:

    Congrats guys. AV is a great location, I frequent the area, er, frequently, for my near-daily constitutionals. 🙂

  6. Chris Augeri says:

    Congrats, Ben & team – great to see you continue the great work you’re doing – and closer to university…look forward to connecting again soon.

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