Reminder Meeting Tonight (w/ Special Guest!)

Just a quick reminder that the October OGDA meeting is tonight at 6 at the Scooters at 180th and just north of Q. Our guest this evening is Borut Pfeifer, long time industry veteran currently with Haunted Temple Studios. If you would like to follow Borut on Twitter, you can find him at @plushapo.

For a taste of what Borut and Haunted Temple have been working on, check out the trailer of Skulls of the Shogun!

I am hoping to be able to record the session tonight — both the Skype feed and the in-house activity. The goal is to post it on the site so people who are not able to attend can check it out!

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2 Responses to Reminder Meeting Tonight (w/ Special Guest!)

  1. Ben Pogge says:

    Good meeting, all. Very informative, looking forward to more web conferences and other presentations.

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