Engineer Needed for EA Pong Challenge Finalist!

SkyVu designer and OGDA member, Andrew Sipotz, needs your help! His design doc entry to the EA Pong Indie Developer Challenge has made the cut and is in the final 20 entrants! Take a look at what he sent below.

I am assembling a team to create a prototype based on my GDD. Currently I have one engineer, an artist here in SF, and myself as designer and producer. We’re potentially bringing on-board another engineer, but he hasn’t fully committed to the project.

What I’d like to know, is if there are any engineers interested in joining. It’s uncompensated sadly, but if the team pulls through, engineers will receive a 10k payout from the reward and a portion of the rev. share, it’s also a fantastic launching point for a career in the industry and they will be interacting with top tier talent during the process.

I am going to discuss with our other engineer what the exact skill-set we are going to need will be tomorrow. But I wanted to give you the heads up and see if you knew anybody who may be interested.

If you want more information or think you can help Andrew, contact him at his first name at

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  1. Hello Omaha Game Developers!

    We’ve assembled an awesome team of industry vets and we’re pushing forward full steam with this project! We’ve started a Kickstarter to help take us through the next two months of development, if you get a moment check it out and please share with your friends!

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