Welcome Omaha Studio Slouch Couch!

We have another game studio in Omaha! Please welcome Slouch Couch!

Slouch Couch was founded during Omaha Startup Weekend by 6 developers with no prior game development experience! They specialize in HTML5 web games with unobtrusive, embeded advertising. Really… it’s unobtrusive. And embedded. Seriously.

Self-titled “Chief Owlbear”, Dave Homan is hoping to get his team to join us at the November meeting. In the meantime, check out their debut game, Startup Weekend. Written entirely in 48 hours, this platformer game is modeled (very loosely) after the concept of Startup Weekend — that is, suck up to people with funding. (Please note, this is my description… not theirs.)

About Dave Mark

President & Lead Designer Intrinsic Algorithm LLC Game Development and AI Consulting
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